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Story Title: Global Warming - High Oil Prices - Middle East Oil Based Conflict - US Senators All Nighter - What they should really accomplish!
Category: World News
Author: joe
Date: Jul 18 2007
Time: 3:07 PM
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This just in ... Global Warming - High Oil Prices - Middle East Oil Based Conflict – Our Remaining Supply of Oil … ... are problems

Yep there are real problems that are going unrecognized by our leaders.

In the last week, if you saw any news channel, there was a marketing blitz going on. But not by a company, this was by the US Senate.

Congress has a worse approval rating than Bush.

So to cast off the image of a “lazy do nothing�? Congress, we were treated to images of what will be happening with their vow to work all night. A highly marketed event indeed.

Stories of Pizza and All Nighters.. woo hoo we are going to get somewhere now huh?

No, it was a serious joke. They report how the Senate chamber was unusually full, but the only reason Senators were in their seats was because so many people were watching to see who was there. It was more like still life art in the form of Pageant of the Master's in Laguna Beach, California.

All week long we were shown cots that were implied to be used by the Senators themselves. Other than the imagery, did anyone actually use those cots? That was a lot of publicity. If I was a going to try to pull this off as a politician, I would have had a photo of me on the cot catching 5 minutes.

Even if the vote went forward, nothing would have been done.

This was just a show by a Congress trying to improve their ratings.

Now, if they really wanted to do something; something that would Change the Course of America and US Policy abroad, they could have opened a new conversation.

An honest honorable and open conversation about carpooling.

That is all I am looking for. If after an open conversation; the population believes that business as usual is the course of action, well we are a democracy.

But could we at least bring that topic to the floor of both Chambers of Congress.

I just want my kid to be able to turn on the nightlight for his grandchild.

Maybe be able to have a hot dinner and a warm shower too.

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