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Story Title: Western Climate Initiative Statement of Regional Goal... new prediction of 80% reductions of Green House Gases by 2032?
Category: Global Warming Solutions California
Author: joe
Date: Aug 29 2007
Time: 10:08 AM
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How could we possible get to 80% reductions in just 25 years?

Because we are burning the worlds oil supply that fast. And the bulldog is pretty sure that our politicians are counting on this ... at least in the area of Global Warming.

If you take the current US Department of Energy data on World Oil Reserves, and you divide that by the rate at which we consume the worlds oil, there are only 44 years left of oil. In California we burn 12% of the worlds oil supply every day. Wow, you think that a progressive state like California would work to solve that problem.

Oh sure we can argue about details and say that we will find more oil in the world.

Or that we are willing to have Canada turn into a big goop pit to go after the tar sands oil.

Or we could do what politicians do and keep saying "technology will save us". I like the ones saying that the "energy companies need to keep us from foreign oil."

Um, I think that they should be saying "a miracle will save us".

Because with over 30 years of energy research in this country, all we came up with are hybrids. Nothing new here. Maybe a little more efficient use of energy, but no new sources.

So I did a little more math. I projected a mere 2% increase in the rate at which we use the remaining oil. Guess what, we will have 80% reductions of Green House Gases in California by 2032 at the current burn rate increasing by 2% a year.

Wow, current leadership is just so great. The are selling us sunshine and clean air. The realities are clouded by a future of increased conflict over oil.

All because our politicians don't have the guts to balance the budget so that we can reduce the governements dependence on the taxation of the automobile.

With more that 20% of all tax revenue coming from cars, it is no wonder the government is at war with the concept of "carpooling".

If you really want to help for a better future. Write your representatives, let them know you are no longer concerned about global warming. Because we will be out of oil in 25 years. And if you write the Governor, tell him to stop being such a "girly man" on the issue.

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