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Story Title: Traffic Congestion Pricing - Mayor Bloombergs plan falters
Category: Traffic Congestion
Author: joe
Date: Jul 17 2007
Time: 12:07 PM
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Traffic Congestion Pricing - Mayor Bloomberg's plan falters.

Aparently the Congestion Pricing that Mayor Bloomberg was promoting for lower
Manhattan is limping.

Is it possible that anyone will see this as just a new tax they are proposing?

And does anyone else see the silliness in the officials telling us that is is
the Federal Dept of Trans that is forcing this on us. It is though we are
acting like there are no representatives responsible for the US DOT.

Isn't the timing of congestion pricing interesting? At a time when gas prices
are high, and global warming is such a concern that people are looking into
carpooling more. And of course with high gas prices, the politicians are not
in a position to raise the gasoline taxes. So instead, they are trying to get
congestion pricing through in a frantic pace.

If people carpool, then the government needs to move their addiction to sales
taxes of new vehicles and gasoline to an new revenue stream.

And here it is. The government double speak of congestion pricing.

And look for a tax on carpooling in the coming years.

Our government gets 20 percent of sales tax revenue from New Vehicle sales. Gasoline taxes and registration fees are extra.

They want us to have cars....but seem to want us just to not have them in certain areas.

Hey I got an idea, why don't the politicians talk about carpooling honestly and it's role in solving traffic, energy, and air pollution issues. President Bush talked positively about carpooling a week ago then his administration retracted - revised his comments to point out that he was only talking about military families carpooling. Not the rest of us.

If you listen to the politicians closely , the carpool concept is being killed so that they can convert lanes to toll roads just like they have done in California and Florida. Even as we are spending Billions of taxpayer dollars to build some right now; our leaders are trying to figure out how to turn them to toll roads.

The Federal DOT is not an agency that can dictate our future.

We citizens dictate the future.

Tell your politicians what you think about congestion pricing.

Tell your politicians to open up the conversation about the role of carpooling!

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