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Traffic Congestion: At 1.3 people per car there would be no traffic congestion on our freeways.  Roger Snoble, CEO Los Angeles MTA (  Hello Roger?, Why aren't we funding that?
Category: November 2007  
Global Warming Taxes - Californias Plan
Posted in Global Warming Solutions California by joe
Nov 29 2007 12:11
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Global Warming Taxes are coming your way in California.

The Metropolitan Traffic Commission is looking for more money. And they are willing to use the excuse of Global Warming Solutions to get it.

In an ABC report, "There is a reason that 3,000 cars a day buy gas from the Arco station in Mill Valley: low prices. However, if the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Bay Area Air Quality Management District get their way, buyers could face an additional 10 cent fee in two or three years. "

Yep folks, a 10 cent per gallon new tax. Cause gas is too cheap!

And read on to find out the plans for the money...

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Ceiling Oil - California to Run out of Oil in 26 years
Posted in Peak Oil by joe
Nov 23 2007 12:11
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There is a new phrase in town coined by the New York Times. "Ceiling Oil". They state that there is plenty of oil, it is just that the world will never be able to keep up with demand. So there is a ceiling to the oil we can produce?

Is it possible that at the top of "peak oil" it looks like "ceiling oil"?

Well, according to a 2005 California Energy Department report. California will be out of oil by 2033. There will no longer be a domestic brew.

How will that affect the lifestyle we have become accustomed too in California?
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Al Gore joins Investment Firm as Partner
Posted in World News by joe
Nov 12 2007 12:11
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Al Gore has been made a partner in an Investment Firm in California.

California is developing new plans for tax incentives for alternative fuels at taxpayer expense.

We are witnessing the largest shuffle of taxation in modern history. California's legislation is likely to be repeated across California.

And Al Gore is highly aligned to profit off of it.
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State of California eyes Senior Drivers as source of revenue
Posted in Local News by joe
Nov 09 2007 12:11
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California has over 30 million cars. No, not on the road all at once, thank Buddha.

California was raised on getting that oil out of the ground and into cars.

Our Senior Drivers may not drive that much anymore, but they are actually a very large part of the government revenue pie.

And the State of California will do everything it can to protect its right to collect money from our Seniors in the most greedy of ways.
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San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution and the Big Copout by the Califfornia Air Resources Board SJV AQMD ARB
Posted in Air Pollution by joe
Nov 08 2007 2:11
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California Air Resources Board releases a report today regarding San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution. It is another example of a Government entity marketing their own interests.

What is particularly sad is that it is government staff laying the blame on the urban sprawl and essentially the residents of the Urban sprawl.

Now here is the best kicker. The ARB is requesting the local air district to work
with the Valley’s Councils of Governments to devise a strategy
that addresses pollution from sprawl that leads to increased
miles travelled and overall sustainability.

However, under ARM regulations, the air districts cannot engage in Carpooling activities. That is under the Regional Transportation Authorities and they have their own special conflict of interest between those car taxes and too many cars on the road.

Do you think that $12 per year that you pay in California DMV registration fees is usefull? You know the Clean Air Act Fee. Because if you look into it, they get about $360 million a year off of that $12 fee. And they absolutely make sure that we do not use it to carpool.

Full Release is below.
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