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Story Title: Road Rage
Category: Road Rage
Author: joe
Date: Nov 06 2007
Time: 9:11 AM
Times Read: 93
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Road Rage in California is getting worse.

Because Traffic is getting worse.

There are numerous examples of politicians working to sell cars.

- 2007 Sacramento County giving $1million to an Auto Dealer
- California Air Resources Board creating the Hybrid-Carpool lane rule
- Los Angeles MTA reducing the funding for Carpooling
- California Air Resources Board blocking use of Clean Air Act fees for use in Carpooling
- Use of government land for holding unsold inventory of cars
- approving sign ordinance waivers for ginormous auto mall signs
- other tax breaks and municipal perks that go to Auto Dealers

With Road Rage as such a problem on our roads, is it wise to pack us in tighter?

Studies have shown that as you continue to add rats to a box, the rats will fight.

Road Rage is the same problem.

Studies have shown that as you crowd prisons, the inmates will riot.

Road Rage is the same problem.

So why do our leaders keep selling cars? For the Taxes. Automobile Sales represent 20% of the sales taxes for the government. That is a lot of tax. And the Gasoline is extra.

They say they do it to help the economy, but the more you look into it, the "Government officials, employees or consultants making, participating, or attempting to influence governmental decisions in which their economic interest will be materially financially affected". Yes, their economic interests. Namely their salaries, their pensions, their employement of friends and family.

Road Rage exists in large part because of our Leaders historical efforts of working to benefit themselves, friends and family through the sale of cars. And under the Fair Political Practices Act, it is against the law.

We must address the Road Rage in this country head on. It is time to file the

Road Rage incidents can be reduced. We need to educate our elected leaders on the problems of drooling over car taxes.

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