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Traffic Congestion: At 1.3 people per car there would be no traffic congestion on our freeways.  Roger Snoble, CEO Los Angeles MTA (  Hello Roger?, Why aren't we funding that?
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Story Title: Hot Lanes in California : RE : Los Angeles MTA seeks to eliminate carpooling
Category: Hot Lanes
Author: joe
Date: Dec 15 2007
Time: 12:12 AM
Times Read: 239
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Hot lanes for sale ... Get your Hot Lanes in California and Los Angeles.

Hey Roger Snoble, what happened? You were very interested in supporting carpooling when you got the job at MTA. You talked about how even just a small percentage increase in carpooling would clear traffic congestion.

So what happened? Did the harsh reality of a government that continually raids your budget set in? I see the money that was supposed to go into the transportation budget hitting the general fund. I see a Los Angeles City and County that are continually in budget crises. I see voters held hostage by traffic congestion voting $100Billion bonds and then watching the money get tied up and possibly again used for the general fund.

So now we are talking HOT lanes. Just who is this benefitting? Just the single persons that can afford the lane? What about the citizens that live along our roads and freeways? Should they be subjected to the increase in pollution that this will cause? Should the rest of the commuters be subject to the increased traffic this will cause?

Roger? Can we talk? Could you tell us which politicians are the worst road blocks to helping people form carpools? Then we can vote them out and get some people that want to clear traffic and let the increased commerce cover the taxes. And not choke commerce to death with taxes.

Hot lanes in California are a bad idea. If you would like to build new toll roads , please go ahead. But using taxpayer funded roads to be converted to "private lanes" and removing air quality progress is pitting the health of our children against the tight schedules of a few people. How is that in the interest of the public?

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Responses to Hot Lanes in California : RE : Los Angeles MTA seeks to eliminate carpooling

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