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Traffic Congestion: At 1.3 people per car there would be no traffic congestion on our freeways.  Roger Snoble, CEO Los Angeles MTA (  Hello Roger?, Why aren't we funding that?
Story Title: Gas Prices Down Oil Prices Up in California What Gives?
Category: Gas Prices
Author: joe
Date: Jul 28 2007
Time: 10:07 AM
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It makes perfect sense if you have your finger on the pulse of carpooling.

There is but one thing we could do each day to:

- reduce energy prices
- reduce inflation
- reduce conflict over oil
- reduce global warming gases

And that is to carpool. The oil companies are on quite a bit. I imagine they are keeping track of carpooling in this nation as it affects their business.

You know what? It turns out that $3 a gallon is the threshold at which people start saying they need to change.

And the oil companies have done their homework and are dropping the price to under $3

So, even if you don't carpool. At least blog for it. And the price at the pump will be affected.

And that is why the price of oil goes up and the price of gas goes down.

You don't really think that they pay $70 a barrel for the oil that comes out of the ground in Los Angeles do you?
And they don't even have to transport it far to the refinery. The refineries are almost on top of the well heads in the Southern California Oil Fields. The price of gas and oil in California is a different beast.

We only import 9% of our oil from Sunni-Insurgent Saudi Arabia.

It is supply and demand.

Please people, let's cut the demand.

Maybe we could stop funding insurgents.

Oh and if we do it en masse we will eliminate traffic. Then we won't have to hope and pray that our elected officials could . . . oh . . . I don't know . . . lead instead of follow in the area of transportation.

By the way, the government knows we are on the verge of carpooling on a large scale also. Why do you think the carpool lanes are getting crowded? It is not just the hybrids. It is the price of gas. And so our genius politicians are scheming to hide behind a faceless Department of Transportation in order to create the new tax scheme of congestion pricing. Notice they are only talking about congestion pricing on the carpool lane. Why not some other lane?

Our government sees a shift in the dynamics of tax revenue from our use of vehicles. The internet is bringing us together so we can conserve. So, the civil servants are trying to get ahead of it and start taxing our use of roads that we have already paid for.

And they want to do this because of "congestion".

Yet they will only fund $367,000 a year to help people find each other to carpool in the County of Los Angeles. Why is that number so small? What are we afraid of MTA? Success?

Makes you wonder who is working for whom? is a commuter advocacy group committed to helping people form carpools. If only mentally for today.

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