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Traffic Congestion: At 1.3 people per car there would be no traffic congestion on our freeways.  Roger Snoble, CEO Los Angeles MTA (  Hello Roger?, Why aren't we funding that?
Story Title: Congestion Charging at Los Angeles MTA
Category: Traffic Congestion
Author: joe
Date: May 01 2008
Time: 12:05 AM
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Congestion Charging is coming to the Los Angeles MTA.

This will be a great windfall for the County budget.

Will there be a guaranteed funding for carpool matching services?

Or will the MTA continue to squeeze the funding to below $300,000 per year?

There is really one question.

Why should a County, so dependent on the taxation of cars, be believed when they say they are serious about traffic?

This is merely a higher tax...because they need more money for their empire that does not scale.

The runnaway MTA and taxation of the automobile is killing this city, and this state.

See how perplexed all of the politicians are related to high energy prices ... and global warming?

Cars represent close to 50% of the economy when you add in parts, repair shops, insurance, registration, parking, the garage, the valet, marketing ads, and gas.

The real answer is carpooling. But no one likes that ... because it really means conservation....and that means a shrinkage of the economy.

10% less cars is 5% less economy...and likely jobs.

The problem is that we are running out of oil fast. And in 30 years...whether we like it or not...we will not be driving solo.

If we could just get that going now and save some oil for the kids.

Seriously...this should really be about saving oil for the kids. And to stop killing kids in Iraq for the oil.

The Los Angeles Area burns about 5% of the worlds oil every day.

Aren't you proud?

So, sure, kick the people that are actually trying to do the right thing and carpool...well just get rid of them....or more precisely to what is quiet about what will happen to them.

Oh yeah, we don't really need to build many more roads. We are about out of oil. That is why the oil companies don't build refineries. They now they cannot amortize the plant over 50 years anymore.

And that is the real reason the MTA is working on new methods of taxation.

Because the rules of taxing the automobile are changing as we run out of oil.

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