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Story Title: Paris Hilton endorsed for President of the United States
Category: World News
Author: joe
Date: Oct 03 2008
Time: 9:10 PM
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Paris Hilton has a plan for our nation. As stated in her recent 2008 Presidential Campaign commercial, she is ready to lead on the issue of Energy.

Let's face it. Paris Hilton is hot. Sarah Palin is hot. And Energy should be a Presidential Election Hot Topic. But our Energy problems would have us in hot water if we could just afford to heat the pot.

We need someone that has a plan for Energy in the future. And Paris Hilton has laid out her clear plan in her Paris Hilton for President video.

I know it sucks to hear this people, but we need nuclear. The cool thing about nuclear, is that you can use the electricity to turn water into hydrogen. And we have a lot of water. Plus, when you burn hydrogen in your car, your exhaust basically consists of little rain clouds. It doesn't get any more green than that.

So, ok now we have a problem Where to store the nuclear waste. I am not as concerned about the nuclear plant going..well nuclear. We have more modern and well practiced control systems now. But there is still the waste. Could we drill deep holes in the ground and just put it down the hole? You know, if there is 2 miles of dirt between us and the waste, are we ok?

So, lets just get smart about how to get rid of the nuclear waste shall we?

Remember how we are running out of oil? Well we better get the government permits ready and build those plants before we run out of the gas to power the construction.

For Paris Hiltons part in bringing the conversation of Nuclear Power up, she receives the endorsement of

And for John McCain creating an atmosphere where Paris believes she is running for President. Well done John. That was an excellent play to bring in additional experts on Energy. And to think you picked Governor Palin after that. I am starting to think you may be a sly politician trying to solve our energy problems. Kudos to that John.

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