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Story Title: RE: Bernanke and Bush - How to stimulate the US economy
Category: Market Based Solutions
Author: joe
Date: Oct 20 2008
Time: 2:10 PM
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It seems that people forget why the US economy is in the tank. Not long ago everything was going fine, and then someone noticed that we only have so much oil. And that is when a loosened rock locked onto some snow at the top of the icy mountain.

Take a step back, look at the last 60 years. The United States expanded in step with the expansion of the automobile. The phrase "What's good for GM is good for America" is more true than you may know. You might get angry at the thought of some GM bigwigs making some money, but do you have any idea the amount of jobs that result from their actions?

Nearly 50% of the US economy is some how related to cars. The car manufacturing, spare parts, sales, insurance, the roads, gas stations, tires, auto stores, magazines for cars, the ads for cars in magazines....etc etc. If there is a 10% reduction in the number of cars on the road, then there is a loss of 5% of jobs. GM is down 60% in sales right now. The best way for our government to get our economy going is what we have seen work.

But there is that problem of peak oil. So, how do we get around peak oil? Let's legalize the refueling of yoru vehicle at home. Let's remove the penalties for not refueling at the pump. Let's legalize other forms of energy, and let the fire that burns in our economic engine have some heat again.

We are painted into a trap of transportation taxes that inadvertenly hurt our economy. It is the fact that we can only use oil that is the problem. GM has a hydrogen SUV ready to go. Why aren't they in more mass production? Because the government doesn't know how to manage transportation taxes other than at the pump. Why don't we have electric? Becaue our government doesn't know how to manage transportation taxes.

So, sure give everyone a little money. After all XMAS is coming.

But please Mr Bernanke and President Bush, as part of the package, legalize other forms of refuelining at home.

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