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Category: Air Pollution  
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution and the Big Copout by the Califfornia Air Resources Board SJV AQMD ARB
Posted in Air Pollution by joe
Nov 08 2007 2:11
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California Air Resources Board releases a report today regarding San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution. It is another example of a Government entity marketing their own interests.

What is particularly sad is that it is government staff laying the blame on the urban sprawl and essentially the residents of the Urban sprawl.

Now here is the best kicker. The ARB is requesting the local air district to work
with the Valley’s Councils of Governments to devise a strategy
that addresses pollution from sprawl that leads to increased
miles travelled and overall sustainability.

However, under ARM regulations, the air districts cannot engage in Carpooling activities. That is under the Regional Transportation Authorities and they have their own special conflict of interest between those car taxes and too many cars on the road.

Do you think that $12 per year that you pay in California DMV registration fees is usefull? You know the Clean Air Act Fee. Because if you look into it, they get about $360 million a year off of that $12 fee. And they absolutely make sure that we do not use it to carpool.

Full Release is below.
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SMOG ALERT Issued In Hamilton County for Wednesday
Posted in Air Pollution by joe
May 29 2007 4:05
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Many people believe that we are buying new cars and the air is getting cleaner.

Well cars are lasting longer, and those catalytic converters only make it 50,000 miles.

Here it is, more evidence of the air getting worse.

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California Air Resources Board State Implementation Plan for South Coast Air Basin Air Quality
Posted in Air Pollution by joe
Mar 23 2007 10:03
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The State of California Air Resources Board is in the process of drafting the State Implementation Plan (SIP) to improve Air Quality in California.

By my best estimate, the majority of the plan is that Californians will all buy newer cars and businesses will buy newer trucks.

I live in Los Angeles breathing the air in the South Coast Air Basin. I also see the older cars and trucks on our streets. Is it a realistic plan to expect everyone to buy new vehicles?
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