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Story Title: Why aren't we getting out of Iraq yet?
Category: Peak Oil
Author: joe
Date: Oct 10 2008
Time: 1:10 PM
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We are in Iraq, because we need the oil. The contracts for delivery of the Iraqi oil are still undecided. The US goverment does not care what country makes money off of selling the oil, they just want that oil delivered to the US.

And that is the primary sticking point. It is all about the oil, and why?

We are trapped with transportation taxation only existing at the pump. You could get natural gas, electricity, or hydrogen at home. But since it is difficult to tell between you cooking dinner (low tax) and fueling our car (high tax), we leave all that hard work at the pump. And we make energy alternative like green hydrogen ... illegal. If you use vegetable oil to power your converted diesel, you are likely breaking the law and subject to a $5000 fine.

And we do it because we need the revenue from transportation taxes that keep going into the general fund.

And that keeps us in a taxation system where the only energy alternative is oil and gasonline and whatever else they can exclusively deliver at the pump. Like the corn based ethanol that actually makes the air quality for humans worse.

And when we are trapped in taxation schemes where the only answer is oil...then it follows that there will be war, and more military will die.

And as the oil dries up, and eventually it will, we are all in a much worse situation.

Remember, oil prices went through the roof first. Then gas prices. Then no more auto sales. Then GM and Ford had to start shutting factories and shutting service centers and dealers. And meanwhile the Fed had to raise interest rates because of the high oil prices. Then you start to see less people going out. Then they lay off the valets. Then no one is crashing cars, so the body shops go. And without sales there is little marketing money, so GM no longer takes out the big advertising...and that starts to hit the media and the newspapers (no car ads these days) and more layoffs...then massive amounts of people can't make house payments .... it just keep trickling down.

The auto industy and all of the inter business support and exchange and spare parts around it represent 50% of our economy. A 10% drop in cars roughly results in 5% less jobs. GM is down 60% in car sales.

We need to figure out our way out of this fast.

And one thing I am absolutely certain of from attending all of the State of California Global Warming Act meetings.

There is no way the environmentalists are going to let new power plants be built. Whether they are nuclear, gas, or coal (yes even clean coal). And that will be our biggest problem to get it fixed. I remember the Air Resources Board asking an environmentalist about what type of power plant would be OK...she said "none". The Air Resources Board person had to explain to them that because they block construction of newer more clean power plants, we cannot move forward and get rid of the older polluting plants.

With shrinking sources of energy, we are in deep doo doo.

On the brighter side of things, because I can always find the silver lining. The air in Los Angeles is looking blue these days. High gas prices, people cut back on driving.

Whoever you vote for. Please, hold there feet to the remaining fire we have ... on the topic of energy.

We need to build more plants to create electricity, so we can take a little electicity some water and make hydrogen at home. That is the epitomy of green power in our cars. Little fresh rain clouds for exhaust.

But we need more power plants to do it. And we need to build them fast before the oil runs out. Oil will be very low in 20 years. I sure hope the constuction of said power plants can be done much before that.

Now why am I nervous that there needs to be massive government cooperation to solve this?

Please government officials. Legalize Hydrogen at Home.

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