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Traffic Congestion: At 1.3 people per car there would be no traffic congestion on our freeways.  Roger Snoble, CEO Los Angeles MTA (  Hello Roger?, Why aren't we funding that?
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Category: Traffic Congestion  
Global Warming Los Angeles California $1 Million Dollar Traffic Congestion Challenge!
Posted in Traffic Congestion by joe
Aug 05 2007 11:08
Read 177 Times
Traffic Bulldog has a challenge to the people of Los Angeles.

Would you like to eliminate traffic congestion?

Would you like to really do something about Global Warming?

For $1 million dollars and two years time, Traffic Bulldog will
execute a plan to eliminate traffic congestion in Los Angeles.
And when this is done, we will have created the worlds single
largest Global Warming Solution.

Yes, only $1 million.
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Congestion Charging Pricing - Traffic Congestion Relief - Feedback from London
Posted in Traffic Congestion by joe
Jul 18 2007 11:07
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The following is a traffic congestion story from BBC regarding the increase in traffic congestion at the outside perimeter of congestion zones. Included is feedback from the public.

While many say that the congestion pricing is a huge success in London, you need to ask
- Who is measuring the success?
- How are they measuring it?
- What data was available before the new pricing to compare against?
- What are we NOT measuring in the current evaluation of success?

Governments have an interesting tunnel vision when it comes to assessing success. Here is feedback from the citizen's of London that say that maybe congestion pricing is just what it appears to be.... a new tax.
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Traffic Congestion Pricing - Mayor Bloombergs plan falters
Posted in Traffic Congestion by joe
Jul 17 2007 12:07
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It looks like the Traffic Congestion Pricing is starting to have trouble.

Our policitans tell us that we need congestion pricing to solve traffic.

Maybe they could open up the conversation about carpooling?

Maybe they could work harder at eliminating waste in government so they don't need to keep coming up with new and fantastic taxes on our use of automobiles. That government revenue gift that keeps on giving.
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HOV Lanes but no Carpool Advertisement, Weird....
Posted in Traffic Congestion by joe
Jul 09 2007 5:07
Read 122 Times
We have HOV lanes. Expensive HOV lanes. In California the Sepluveda Pass on the 405 will get a 1 Billion dollar upgrade to add one single carpool lane.

And yet, there is no advertisement of carpooling. Bush even made a slip of the tongue about carpooling on his 4th of July address that was re-spun by his administration later to clarify that the carpooling mentioned was only to be for the familes of soldiers in Iraq.

There is a serious leadership vacuum in this country.
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Why is carpooling dismissed if it can solve traffic problems?
Posted in Traffic Congestion by joe
Mar 16 2007 11:03
Read 223 Times
It is interesting to me how quickly carpooling is dismissed as a footnote in sovling traffic congestion.

The following is a response to bloggers regarding building more roads or mass transit as the only solutions for freeway congestion.
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